St. Mary le Bow Church, Cheapside, London
“Sound Systems UK have worked tirelessly to successfully transform one of the most difficult acoustics in the city and to secure a system which is flexible for a variety of events; liturgy, debating and lecturing among others”

Rev. G. Bush, St. Mary le Bow Church, Cheapside, London
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St. James, Spanish Place
“I was pleased with the initial analysis provided by Sound Systems UK and I found my every contact with them to be professional at the highest level. The proposed work was carried out speedily with a minimum of disruption to the liturgical life of the parish, and has resulted in a dramatic improvement in the quality of sound relayed throughout our extensive building. I would have no hesitation in commending this company to other churches”
Fr. Christopher Colvin, Church of St. James, Spanish Place in Marylebone, London
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St George’s Camberwell
“St George’s is a modest dual purpose Hall and Church Space. We had particular problems with the acoustics in the Hall half of the building which meant that people were unable to participate fully in worship. We have been very pleased with the service offered by Sound Systems UK. The initial site visit was very thorough, and detailed attention was paid to our requirements. We were presented with two alternative projects that enabled us to make best use of our budget. The installation of the custom-designed system and the training given were exemplary. It was obvious that as much care is taken with a nondescript 1970’s building as a Wren church. Now that we have been using the system for some time, it has not only transformed audibility and accessibility, but has encouraged a significant number of the congregation to volunteer to read lessons and offer the intercessions, as they know there will be no difficulty in being heard and understood. We have been recommending the firm to other churches in the area who are thinking of installing a new system or updating their present one.”
The Revd Nicholas Elder, St George’s Camberwell

Church of the Immaculate Heart, Hayes
“The new sound system has made a remarkable difference, I am sure that there are many other churches with individual characteristics and quirks that have similar challenges to surmount. I am only grateful that, for us, these have been overcome.”
Rev. Fr. Martin Stone

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St. Catherine’s Church, Littleton
“St. Catherine’s Church, Littleton is an ancient foundation having been rebuilt in the 14th Century. It is a small church of irregular shape with gallery and a capacity of about 120 and for services the church is usually full. We were in need of an unobtrusive high quality sound system and I was instructed by the PCC to organise the installation.
After careful research and recommendation we engaged Peter Kenny to do the work. From the very beginning our relationship with him was highly pleasing; he came very promptly to make a full survey/diagnosis and quickly provided a detailed assessment of our needs and quotation for the recommended work. The PCC had no hesitation in accepting Peter’s quotation.

The work was carried out shortly after accepting the quotation and disruption and mess were minimal. We were especially pleased with the inconspicuous nature of the installation in that wiring and speakers were almost unnoticeable. Technically all went very well and the few teething problems, mainly associated with our existing radio microphones and loop system for hearing aids, were soon overcome with efficiency and tolerance.

Since the church is so small we frequently need additional accommodation in the shape of external marquees and Peter supplied and fitted an external speaker facility which is very effective and easy to set up. The system has now been in operation for eight months and we are entirely satisfied. Operation is relatively simple and can be carried out by non technical members of our congregation after minimal training. Peter Kenny’s work is to be thoroughly recommended.”
Colin Fowkes – Church Warden, St. Catherine’s Church, Littleton

St. Bartholomew’s St. Albans
“I don’t think there has been one negative comment about the new speaker. The Archbishop of Westminster was here for the Golden Jubilee of the Parish and he was very pleased with it, as was Bishop John Sherrington who was here at the beginning of October for his Visitation of the Parish. From the celebrant’s perspective, one has to work less hard generally and it is certainly easier to project above the ambient noise of children and toddlers. The installation is very discreet and one hardly notices the speaker at all. I think, from the Parish perspective, this was a very successful undertaking and has brought an end to years of complaints about audibility”
Fr. Tim Edgar – Parish Priest
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Church of Our Lady & St. Joseph, Kingsland, London N1
“I was having some significant problems with the sound system at my Parish Church; I was frustrated and dissatisfied with the work carried out by another company and asked Peter Kenny from Sound Systems UK to call and assess the situation. From the very beginning of his work with me he was incredibly thorough; his painstaking approach, expertise and professionalism revealed many problems and also possible solutions. He made helpful and practical suggestions and carried out his work with excellence. To this day, I am very satisfied with what he was able to achieve and would have no hesitation in recommending him and his company to anyone, or indeed, using his services again”
Fr. Michael Daley – Parish Priest
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