When it comes to bringing your inventive designs to life, Sound Systems UK have it covered!

Working collaboratively with artistic minds behind some of the most fabulous creations, whatever your visual and sound effects requirement, we are adept at providing solutions.

Special Effects
A special effect can be almost anything that is designed to produce the effect of something else and often a model will be set in a particular season or time of day; for example, a few lights would produce the effect of light from an open fireplace or the glow of a coal charged engine.

Three key areas of special effects we specialise in are:

1. Sound
2. Lighting
3. Pyrotechnics

Our Work in Action
Sound Systems UK have over 30 years’ experience of applying the laws of physics to the art of sound, lighting and special effects. We are currently working on a high number of high profile projects in the UK – one of them being Bright Bricks, the professional LEGO company who build custom LEGO creations for customers all over the UK and worldwide; from a 1.2 metre tall electric toothbrush and a gigantic working scale model of the Rolls Royce Dreamliner aero engine, to a world record 39-foot-high Christmas tree!

We recently worked alongside Bright Bricks to install the jingle, the steam and the lights on their Santa Express, currently residing at London’s bustling Covent Garden.

This was an exciting and challenging project for us in many ways:

  • Lighting had to be able to fit easily around the curves, rough edges and 90-degree angles of the train
  • Robust quality and enduring performance were a central requirement among the factors central to the design
  • For the lighting, an ability to operate reliably no matter what the elements might throw at it was a prerequisite
  • Sound was achieved by secreting weather resistant Tannoy loudspeakers

Click here to view the fantastic video showing just how this wonderful creation was built, brick by brick!

And that’s not all, some exciting new projects will soon be released; both related to high flying modes of transport!

We would love to hear from you to discuss any types of special effects projects we can bring to life for you.

As testament to the quality of work from Sound Systems UK, Certified Lego Professional of Bright Bricks Duncan Titmarsh said:
“The guys worked on our projects to provide the special effects, lighting and sound. Working with them going forward is a no brainer. At the beginning of the year, we brought The Santa Express back to the workshop after it’s tour for its check-up; nothing whatsoever had to be fixed, rewired or updated! This is an outstanding achievement and testament to the quality of work by SoundSystems UK. They certainly do ensure their products are built to last!”

Read the full case study on this project with Bright Bricks here.