Live Event St. Giles Cripplegate, London, EC2Y

Since designing, building and commissioning a new speech reinforcement system for the church of St. Giles in the Barbican, London EC2Y, Sound Systems UK has since had the privilege of providing specialist electro-acoustic support and maintenance.

The Building
The church is a building dating from the 14th century  and unsurprisingly benefits from grade one listing due to the beautiful historic architecture and associations with various illustrious figures such as John Milton.

In addition to traditional daily and Christmas services, for December 2017, an event was planned to both celebrate Christmas and also raise support and funding for various charities.

The Christmas Event
Music was to play the central part of this event with a choir of young people and also a superb headlining performance by ‘Jack Pack’ the great four piece male singing group from Britain’s Got Talent success who performed a number of ‘standards’ guaranteed to appeal to the packed church of discerning listeners, and who, with their management were a pleasure to work with

Clearly, the installed sound system, which is bespoke to the needs of liturgical speech within the church, is not suitable for this kind of dynamic and high sound pressure level event and so we were commissioned to install a system for the evening that could deliver the required energy.

As a part of our services we were pleased to be able to offer a portable live sound system comprising of Nexo and EAW loudspeakers, Crest & PSL amplifiers offering around 5kW with associated dynamics processors and microphone mixing. Additionally, for this event following consultation with the Jack Pack management, we were pleased to provide Electro-Voice RE510 wired microphones and having scanned for suitable frequencies to avoid ingress of radio interference, Shure ULX series radio microphones. We also installed for the evening, atmospheric stage lighting the effect of which can be seen from our images of the evening.

Judging by the response of the audience, the evening was a huge success, highly pleasurable for all and raised significant sums for the very worthy charitable causes; many thanks to the church of St. Giles for offering us the opportunity to play our part and to continue to be involved!