St Mary Le Bow, London

We were recently recommended and commissioned to supply and install a complete new system into the Church of St. Mary le Bow in Cheapside, London.

This City of London church which hosts debates and high profile meetings in addition to daily services has long struggled to offer the level of speech intelligibility desired by the congregation.


This was due to the particularly tricky acoustic environment caused by an interior of large volume, the presence of almost entirely reflective surfaces and minimal absorbent material even when the congregation were in place.

The church is a Christopher Wren building and the interior is visually stunning placing considerable demands on a discreet installation.

Our system addressed the issues by using Duran Intellivox loudspeakers with programmable ‘steerable array’ to ensure that sound energy is placed at the listener’s ears but in very few unwanted areas. We also designed and manufactured custom miniature seat back loudspeakers for the Clergy seated in the Chancel.

Central to the system was a BSS London Architect mixer processor which handles incoming microphone signals and is programmed to route them to all of the correct destinations having first applied appropriate equalisation.

“Sound Systems UK have worked tirelessly to successfully transform one of the most difficult acoustics in the city and to secure a system which is flexible for a variety of events; liturgy, debating and lecturing among others”
Rev. G. Bush, St. Mary le Bow Church, Cheapside, London