Concert Venues & Stadiums

Some of our largest and most awe-inspiring venues are vast concert halls and sports stadiums. From more intimate halls to huge open plan spaces, we know what works when it comes to designing, building and maintaining the perfect sound system for concert halls and sports stadiums.

We are used to working with both portable and permanent installations in these venues and we have worked with both simple and complex systems – some of our most heavy-duty equipment is powerful enough for audiences of over 500 people.

Audio technology
An audio system should usually enable the clear reproduction of speech and music. The success of your sound system will not only depend on your choice of equipment such as the microphones, mixers, and speakers you are using, but also largely on the acoustic conditions at the venue. So a space with long reverberation times requires a different approach to that of an open air space.

There are lots of other considerations when planning a sound system in a concert or stadium venue:

  • Required range
  • Directivity
  • Required volume
  • Frequency range
  • Humidity
  • Sound running time

This is why you need a team of experienced technicians who are able to offer a selection of specialized audio technology to suit the needs of your venue and clientele.

PA Systems
Public Address Systems provide connection, sound amplification and distribution to get your music heard and include microphones, cables, mixers, amplifiers, speakers and more. When it comes to PA systems you may wish to consider:

  • The kind of music or speech being played
  • How loud it needs to play
  • The space where it’s being used
  • How portable it needs to be
  • Who is running the system
  • Desired sound quality and durability
  • Budget

We can help you with all of these decisions and make sure you have the best PA system for your venue and budget.

In this musical era, it’s no longer enough to just get the sound right, customers expect a complete sensory experience and the visuals are just as important. The right lighting equipment can be used to achieve this, ensuring that performers on stage are adequately seen and that your audience are kept captive with a show-stopping performance. We have a variety of lighting solutions including backdrops, spotlighting, lasers, strobes and special effects.

Stadium, arena and concert venue sound systems can be hugely complicated in their design due to the sheer scale of the venue. It is our job to ensure that sound and lighting is distributed to, and experienced by, every single spectator in the house – and we are confident we are the right partners to work with to ensure an unforgettable performance.