Corporate Clients

Emergency Communication is all about putting people first. Whether you are managing the safety of your employees, residents or the public, we know your emergency communication is what matters most to you. After all, emergency communication saves lives!


Our focus on designing and implementing the very best in interior notifications systems and to assist with ensuring that venues comply with their statutory health and safety obligations has led Sound Systems UK to be a respected choice for safety and awareness.

We are a company of qualified electrical, electronic and sound engineers and are pleased to offer in accordance with the British Standard Code of Practice BS5839 – 8:2008 Design, Installation, Commissioning and maintenance of Voice Alarm Systems.

  • Voice alarm system design.
  • On site system maintenance and annual agreements.
  • System data logging.
  • On site test, measurement and reporting for conformity to current standards.
  • STI-PA speech intelligibility measurement and computerised real time analysis.
  • Fault finding in legacy cable installations.
  • Integration of VA and PA systems.
  • Construction of battery back-up and UPS systems.
  • System commissioning following installation by others.
  • Intrinsically safe environments.

In order to continually serve our customers to the highest degree of excellence possible, our bespoke approach to indoor mass notification means that no avenue is left unexplored exist within your system. In designing and implementing these technologies via a tailored approach to your facility’s unique needs, we’re able to fully integrate mass notification and emergency alerts on a level that’s robust and reliable.

At Sound System UK we are able to turn the sound of science into a physical solution. We can be innovative, agile and technologically adept to meet our customers’ needs. We’re the experienced choice for total alert solutions. Solution-based thinking is at the heart of our business.