Electrical Engineering

Sound Systems UK are pleased to offer:

  • Electrical system design and installation that closely meets the client’s requirement and budget.
  • Electrical periodic testing.
  • Extensions to existing electrical systems.
  • Fault tracing and rectification.
  • Service, support and maintenance.


How we Work

In all cases we comply with:

  • BS7671.
  • Codes of practice approved under all sections of the current Health and Safety at Work Act.
  • The current edition of the Electricity at Work Regulations and we will always include circuit and operational diagrams and system manual.
  • Provide safe working practices.
  • Include circuit and operational diagrams and a system manual.
  • Provide client training.
  • Only supply superior, professional duty equipment; e.g. metal boxes and face plates.
  • Employ the latest electrical technologies, techniques and innovative solutions in order to achieve maximum system performance and client satisfaction.
  • Address the issues of load balancing and power factor correction in order to ensure maximum system efficiency and minimum running costs.
  • Offer the same exceptional standard of workmanship to electrical customers as to our electro-acoustic customers.
  • Build systems and offer a service that exceeds the customer’s expectations.
  • Offer an emergency call out service where required.

Testing, Testing and Test again

This image to the right depicts the measurement of the external earth fault loop impedance or Ze.

This test is performed to ensure that there is an earth connection and also to make sure that the value measured is equal to or less than the electrical supplier’s quoted Ze and or the design calculations.This measurement is taken by using a calibrated earth fault loop impedance tester conforming to parameters specified in the current regulations.

This image below depicts the measurement of the prospective short circuit current or PSCC on one 100A phase of a 3 phase 300A supply.

The values obtained in the measurement of the PSCC are compared with the breaking capacity of protective devices in order to ensure the correct specification of components and a safe installation.