Electro-acoustic Enhancement Systems – Is It Really Just Monkey Business?16 Dec 2016

Isn’t it frustrating when you have decided to make a considerable investment in your business like diversifying to bring in new revenue streams, only to find that the final product is not as polished as you’d hoped? Well speakers, microphones and amplifiers may seem like Monkey Business to some but the new ZOO in the city of Emmen (Holland) realised their importance and installed two new digital Acoustic Control systems for both of their new “ATLAS” Theatre/Concert halls.

It is well known that every building has a unique acoustic character which causes that building to be best suited only for a limited range of applications. This means, for example, that a hall may be designed and constructed to offer good speech intelligibility for theatrical applications or it may be constructed to compliment orchestral music or choral works. It is not possible in the normal course of events, however, for a building, as built, to be well suited to all of these activities without the introduction of variable acoustics.

An Acoustic Control System installation comprises of a number of microphones and loudspeakers connected to a multichannel central processor and associated amplifiers in a configuration bespoke to the exact needs of each hall.
Let’s look at how Acoustic Control Systems BV of Holland has enhanced sound systems not only to The Atlas Theatre but all over the world to offer true variable accoustics in the most challenging of venues.

Wildlands Zoo – The Atlas Theatre

The Atlas theatre is a multifunctional venue for any type of show, concert, conference or other event. With a large hall with more than 800 seats, a flat floor hall with 300 seats / 1000 pitches, various meeting and banquet facilities, and self catering facilities.

The technical staff of the Atlas theatre worked with the natural acoustics of these halls and the Acoustic Control Systems team. The systems provide absolute natural sounding, flexibility and well adjustable acoustics in combination with amplified music.

The Acoustic Control Systems supports a large variation of musical programs including performances of a full sized symphony orchestra. The musicians using the systems are very pleased with the acoustics created.

TUI Cruise Ships

Acoustic Control Systems took to the sea and the TUI holiday organisation ordered a system for their ship number Mein Schiff 6, growing the fleet of beautiful cruise ships equipped with these systems for true concert hall experiences on board.

Centennial Concert Hall Winnipeg, Canada

Serious wear and tear necessitated the technical department of Centennial
Concert Hall in Winnipeg (Canada) to take their relative heavy orchestra shell out of use. Without any measures this would have a large negative impact on the sound quality. The season with a comprehensive musical programme for Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra was about to begin and apart from the playing conditions for the musicians, the hall desperately needed an operational orchestra shell to project the sound towards the audience.

Acoustic Control Systems received the request to the add their system to the orchestra shell to solve this problem. Time was pressing heavily. Together with the technical department, Acoustic Control Systems managed to install and tune their artificial orchestra shell, saving the season!

National Arts Centre Ottawa, Canada

The prestigious National Arts Centre already uses successfully an Acoustic Control Systems system for many, many years, offering musicians and audiences high quality acoustics for this leading Canadian institution. Together with a complete refurbishment of the way the building looks, also the hall interior was brought up to date.

You’re Not All At Sea With Acoustic Control Systems
Whether you’re at sea, changing orchestra shells, or introducing new halls or venues, because an Acoustic Control System is bespoke to the venue, there are all manner of possibilities. This includes the ‘fine tuning’ or the acoustically treating of areas in the hall or venue that may otherwise be considered less than ideal in order to ensure that the maximum number of listeners receive the best possible experience from the occasion or show.

Privileged To Be Appointed
Sound Systems UK Limited is privileged to have been appointed by Acoustic Control Systems BV of the Netherlands as the UK agent for their electro-acoustic enhancement system, which offers true variable acoustics.
We can offer sales and installations of new systems and service support, development and maintenance of existing installations.

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