Who Gave the Bells their Jingle on the LEGO Santa Express?6 Dec 2017

The scene is set; a crisp cold night on the run up to Christmas, shoppers bustling through the streets, the delicious smells of the latest pop up food shacks fill the air and children are giggling with the heady expectation of the jolly old elf called Santa visiting them in a few sleeps. Then around the corner comes the jingle of a bell, the noise of steam releasing itself and there it is; The Santa Express! Looking so colourful, cheerful and festive with children climbing on to have a selfie next to the driver and yes; it’s all made out of LEGO bricks!

So who are the brains behind this fabulous festive delight?
The train itself boasts an astonishing half-a-million LEGO bricks and was creatively designed and put together by Bright Bricks; a professional LEGO building company who build custom LEGO creations for customers all over the UK and worldwide.

Bright Bricks employs an award-winning team of full-time professional LEGO builders creating LEGO models and experiences to over 500 clients nationally and internationally. Growing to become the World’s premier independent LEGO building firm, founder, Duncan Titmarsh, is the UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional and one of only 16 in the World!

“The Santa Express is the best yet; we’ve had the sleigh in the past but the train now comes with smoke, sounds and light. The kids just love it!” said designer and builder extraordinaire Duncan.

To answer the question “who gave the bells their jingle?” we turn to Sound Systems UK, a team of highly experienced professionals who apply the laws of physics to the art of sound, lighting and special effects. With over 30 years’ experience in the audio industry covering ancient cathedrals, highly modern office sky scrapers and West End theatres, they are used to dealing with the quirky, the challenging and the innovative!

Working collaboratively on a number of high profile projects, Bright Bricks and Sound Systems UK apply their area of expertise to each fabulous LEGO brick creation.

Luke Kenny from Sound Systems UK said:
“The Santa Express isn’t exactly an everyday kind of project! The lighting had to be able to fit easily around the curves, rough edges and 90-degree angles of the train. Understandably, robust quality and enduring performance were a central requirement among the factors central to the design. For the lighting, an ability to operate reliably no matter what the elements might throw at it was a prerequisite. Sound was achieved by secreting weather resistant Tannoy loudspeakers”

Bright Bricks receive many unusual and detailed requests to create large, bespoke builds out of LEGO bricks. From a 1.2 metre tall electric toothbrush to a gigantic working scale model of the Rolls Royce Dreamliner aero engine, to a world record 39-foot-high Christmas tree! Working with Sound Systems UK, some exciting new projects will soon be released; both related to high flying modes of transport!

As testament to the quality of work from Sound Systems UK, Duncan from Bright Bricks said:
“The guys worked on our projects to provide the special effects, lighting and sound. Working with them going forward is a no brainer. At the beginning of the year, we brought The Santa Express back to the workshop after it’s tour for its check-up; nothing whatsoever had to be fixed, rewired or updated! This is an outstanding achievement and testament to the quality of work by SoundSystems UK. They certainly do ensure their products are built to last!”

The question now is; who put the jingle into Jingle Bells? Maybe Sound Systems UK? Or do the bells ring out just because of the magic of Christmas..?

Visit our YouTube channel to see how this amazing Lego Model Santa Train was built, brick by brick!

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