Welcome to our new look website!10 Nov 2016

We’ve had a spruce at Sound Systems UK. We felt it was time to give the brand a refresh and ensure that it portrays the values that are so important to us.

Consequently, we undertook a serious programme of hearing what the people around our business, think about us. We spoke to our team, we spoke to our customers and we spoke to our suppliers – and (we say with a huge amount of pride), they all had the same lovely things to say about us.

We learned that everyone knows how important Quality and Outstanding Customer Service is to us. It was so good to learn that everyone also recognised us as experts in our field, world-class in our knowledge but are passionate about the hands-on, personal approach which is of up-most importance to us.

We wanted our new branding to propel us forward and we believe that it encapsulates everything we stand for – and will stand the test of time but still holding onto the fundamentals of our beginnings. We’re confident you will like it to!

Just as we are always on a continuous journey of improvement with our customers and the development of their sound and lighting systems, we know that this is just the start. As always, customer feedback is so important to us. So if you have any comments regarding the new website, or how we could improve on our offering, we would love to hear them! You can get in touch via our Contact page.

For now, we hope you enjoy finding your way around the new site and if you have any requirements with regards to the purchase, maintenance or improvement of your sound and lighting systems, we look forward to hearing from you!

Peter, Luke and the Team at Sound Systems UK.

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