Sound Systems

A bespoke service whatever your budgetcrw_1589-01

We understand that any system should be application specific to your needs. Fantastic sound does not necessarily have to be the most expensive; through creative design some of our most satisfying results have come from systems designed to a tight budget and we will carry out a detailed site survey is essential along with a discussion to fully understand your requirements. Our quotations are supplied with a proposal and report detailing why we have made our recommendations and what they are based upon. As members of the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers we know how much effect the room acoustics have on the performance of your sound system and we are able to address any concerns that may arise.

What We Will Do

  • Design a system that closely meets your requirements and within your budget.
  • Feedback is avoidable – by the application of the laws of physics and through creative design  (and not through pointless additional electronic gizmos!) we aim to achieve more than a workable level of gain before feedback.
  • By using calibrated test equipment we monitor and record the level of speech intelligibility so that it can be re-checked in future
  • Achieve more than the anticipated level of musical clarity.
  • For the system to give reliable service for many years it needs to be built from equipment selected from reputable manufacturer’s who provide spares and service support.
  • We want any system that we install to stand as a testament to our work and for you to be delighted with it.

There are many variables when preparing the design.

  • Understand the space.
  • Consider background noise; it has a major effect on speech intelligibility.
  • Consider how to integrate a system whilst acknowledging that some reverberation times suit speech, others better suit music or choral.
  • Question whether the space suffers from any destructive reflections?
  • Accurately measure the space.
  • Establish the distance relationship between talkers and listeners.
  • Understand the prevailing interior conditions we are able to select an ‘application specific’ loudspeaker to suit the requirement and architecture from the hundreds of professional designs available.


After we have collated all the survey information into a report we are then able to submit the design to you for approval. Any professional sound system should be customised to your and the interior’s requirements; we endeavour to establish a working relationship that encourages communication ensuring that adjustment of the design remains possible at any point. We also strive to design systems with a high degree of ‘upgrade potential’ that can be installed in segments and form the basis of ‘one system for life’ that can grow with your needs and budget and not be a disposable liability.

“Sound Systems UK designed a new system that addressed our problems through careful choice of new loudspeakers that complimented our church acoustics and interior along with new electronics. Our budgetary constraints were realized by integrating our best existing components into the new installation. They were helpful and friendly throughout the project, highly recommended.”
Rev Mike Starkey, (Holy Trinity, Twickenham)