Speech Privacy

A Speech Privacy or Sound Masking system is one which is designed specifically with the intention of reducing or destroying intelligibility, making speech less intelligible to distant listeners.

These systems use specially shaped random noise signals over distributed loudspeakers of very wide dispersion to provide a controlled ambient noise level. A masking signal is generated to override, for example, the speech level from an adjacent desk in an open-plan office by making the signal-to-noise ratio at the listener’s ears too low to hear the adjacent speech level.

Sound masking systems are exceptionally effective when installed into buildings which have workspaces divided by demountable partitions but where secure conversation is essential.
The system can be designed, built and commissioned so that the users are totally unaware of a system being in operation. Typical examples of locations where these systems can be of particular benefit are:

  • Financial institutions
  • Legal practices
  • Accountancy practices
  • Medical surgeries
  • Architectural practices

Speech privacy systems are cost effective, generally achieve a higher level of privacy than traditional building solutions and the installation causes significantly less disruption to the existing occupants of the building.

Sound Systems UK have experience of designing and installing speech privacy systems for all manner of buildings and we welcome the opportunity of working with architects or building users to arrive at an acceptable solution for security of speech where traditional methods might not be suitable.